What size locks do I need for my doors and handles?

Also important is that most locks come in 2 common sizes, 63mm (2.5")and 76mm (3"). This is the depth of the lock, if a backset measurement is given this is the distance from the face plate to the centre of the spindle. All our case locks have lock centres of 57mm. If you want all your handles to match throughout the house then you ideally want all the locks ie tubular latches, bathroom locks and sash locks to match ie all 63mm or all 76mm.

You should also match the finish of the locks to the handles. For chrome and satin chrome handles pick the locks with Stainless Steel finish and for brass handles the polished brass or electro brass plate.

For levers on backset, 63mm locks are the most common. Levers on rose use either 63mm (backset 45mm) or 76mm (backset 57mm). If you think the door you have will look better with the furniture further into the door use the 76mm locks, You need to take into account the depth of side panel and consider variations on glass panelled doors.

The diagram below shows an example of a handle fitted with 2 diffrent lock sizes. You need to consider the style of the doors and also how thick the wooden stop is on the door.

It is likely that Mortice Knobs may require 100mm (4") locks. Although these are not on the web site they can be specially ordered but may take 7-10 days to get. Please call us for prices and delivery times.

IMPORTANT. With all our levers on rose, they can fit to the doors either by simply screwing onto the doors or by using the back to back bolts which go through the door and go through holes in the lock. This method is more likely to be needed if you have doors which may be hollow or not good quality wooden doors.